Case Study

Kellogg's 'Double The Goodness' and Food To Love


Generation upon generation has been brought up by cereal. And Kellogg’s has been one of, if not the, most popular brand. However, in the last few years, there had been a big shift.

Sales of Ready-to-Eat Cereal have been declining, with Australians favouring other breakfast options like Greek yoghurt or eggs and bread.

We couldn’t ignore the way the market was moving, but how did cereal fit into this new world?


Research told us consumers were increasingly mixing muesli and granola with yoghurt. At the same time, unprompted awareness of Kellogg’s cereal and yoghurt was incredibly low.

We couldn’t simply promote these two foods as a combo; we needed something a bit different. As a result, ‘Yoreal’ was born.

We started by introducing the trend on a platform where people were already searching for culinary inspiration: Bauer’s Food To Love recipe site. This trusted vehicle helped the introduction of the term, ‘Yoreal’.


The six week campaign delivered great results. It was successful in introducing the term, ‘Yoreal’ into the public lexicon, in association with the Kellogg’s brand.

  • +100,000 page views
  • +64,000 users
  • + 2,200 competition entries



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