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How We Live

- 11 June, 2015

In our third instalment of the ‘How We Live’ study we continue to unearth Australian women’s relationships with their sanctuaries…their homes.

The study focuses on how The Australian Dream has been evolving and how Australians have changed how they are investing and living in their homes. 5 Macro trends have been defining this change in consumer behaviour and home designs.

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This shift in the home is evident in readers’ lifestyles, interests and desires. Our research discovered 6 core themes emerging from listening to consumers.

Everyone’s a stylist

Australians are becoming more confident and adventurous in using their home to display their sense of personal style.

Brand implications:

  • Play the personal stylist: Show them how to put the look together
  • Encourage creativity: Put the product in different context and encourage consumers to experiment
  • Remember the renter: Show them removable ideas to update a rental

Hospitable Spaces

Australians are drawing on inspiration from hotels, dayspas and cinemas to create luxurious living and entertaining environments in their own homes.

Brand implications:

  • Take them away: Show them how to create a ‘holiday’ at home
  • Create space for them: Favourite rooms invariably are about light, outlook and are uncluttered
  • Highlight the little things: Make all the difference in hotels and spas and consumers are willing to pay for

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Bring the inside out

Australian’s are taking elements from key living spaces outdoors to maximise space and enjoy our great climate

Brand implications:

  • Go green: Adding glimpses of the green outdoors can tantalise consumers
  • Accessorise: Highlight how to update outdoor spaces and embrace an outdoor lifestyle
  • Highlight durability: Furniture and accessories that can handle living outdoors

Easy living

Australian’s are striving to achieve the right work-life balance and want products that make their lives easier to maximise time for themselves

Brand implications:

  • Make it look easy: Knowledgeable staff, run free clinics, provide set up, warrantees and technical assistance
  • Demonstrate multiple use and practical features: show how the product will benefit their lives and save time
  • Provide support: Instore or online support

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Calm spaces

Australians crave calm and clutter-free spaces in their homes to escape the stresses and pressures of the outside world.

Brand implications:

  • Clean space, clear mind: Focus groups participants were attracted to advertising that depicted tranquil and clutter free spaces
  • Create a sensory experience: texture and scent are important
  • Let there be light: favourite rooms were described as light filled

Home economics

The growing cost of energy means making homes more cost effective to run is a high priority for Australians.

Brand implications:

  • Offer multiple options or functions to help save money: Modular furniture or multi-purpose items
  • Product start systems: Focus on reducing consumers electricity bill
  • Money talks: Focus on value and savings or quality and craftsmanship

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Please view the full research presentation here.

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