Production and Distribution

Production Services is the production department of Bauer Media Group, managing all the inputs from the editorial, advertising and creative through the print production process.

The core responsibilities include:

  • print and paper procurement;
  • setting and maintenance of production schedules;
  • management of the print production process;
  • supplier management;
  • quoting, production and consultation on special print executions;
  • development and maintenance of material and product specifications;
  • quality management for all Bauer Media magazines and publications.

Production Controllers are directly responsible for the print production management of the magazine and work closely with editorial, advertising, marketing, and suppliers to see the product delivered into distribution.

The Production team also provides a central quoting and purchasing service to Bauer Media Group, for all enhancement print requirements for editorial, marketing and advertising.

The Production Commercial Team have a wealth of experience regarding the nuances of each of the individual magazines and work closely with all Production Team members to deliver the best outcome. Production Staff can be involved in creative development or simply quote to your specific requirements. They have extensive experience and knowledge of both paper and printing, in addition to their access to a range of large, small, digital, sheet-fed and web printers and, of course, the most competitive pricing for the highest quality results.

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What is a media kit?

A Media Kit contains specific brand and audience information for all available Bauer brand platforms across magazine, web and social.

The Media Kit Builder has been designed for media agencies and marketers to assist in the media planning process. It has been designed as strategic tool to assist in the process and is not intended as an end-to-end planning solution. For further information, contact our dedicated Bauer Media Sales Team.

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