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Production Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of products can be attached to/bound into Bauer Media Group publications?
Many standard products are described within the various sections of Bauer Media Group's insert and sachet specifications, however, these cannot possibly cover every variation. As a general rule we will test and endeavour to provide a cost-effective method to insert many different products upon application and submission of an appropriate quantity of samples.

2. What types of products can NOT be attached to/bound into Bauer Media Group publications?
Generally we do not accept dangerous items, highly flammable or poisonous substances or liquids contained in packaging which does not strictly comply with Bauer Media Group's "Wet Sachet" specifications. Very bulky products tend to cause physical damage to the magazines and may create transportation or packaging difficulties and are therefore discouraged.

3. Why does Bauer Media Group require samples of inserts prior to production?
Samples are required for two main reasons: to ensure that the contents/copy comply with Editorial and Advertising policies of Bauer Media Group; to ensure that the inserts can be attached by the method requested and to determine the cost of such attachments. Please note that for mechanical insertion up to 200 samples may be required to facilitate a "live" binding trial.

4. Why do supply quantities sometimes vary dramatically from estimates?
Approximate supply quantities are often requested months in advance of the required issue. Production Services staff are able to provide estimates based on budgeted figures, however, final print runs are not set until shortly before the magazine goes into production. Supply figures also include an allowance for wastage and, in many cases, this cannot be provided until actual samples are submitted.

5. Where and when do inserts need to be delivered?
Upon receiving official notification of an insert booking, Production Services will issue an Enhancement Summary form. This form confirms specifications of the booked enhancement and contains all information required including delivery address and contacts, quantities and latest possible delivery dates. Inserts must not be delivered more than two weeks prior to this date as we do not have storage facilities to accommodate large volumes. Inserts must conform to all requirements contained in Bauer Media Group's insert specifications in regard to packaging and labeling. Please click here for Insert and Delivery Requirements.

6. Can a run of book advertisements carry a PMS (5th) colour?
No. As a general rule, the text of Bauer Media prints on four-colour colour printing presses and cannot carry more than the four process colours (magenta, cyan, yellow and black).

7. Does Bauer Media Group provide any ancillary printing services?
Bauer Media Production Services is able to provide advice/quotations and arrange the printing of inserts produced for our publications on behalf of our clients and agencies. We are also able to arrange the printing of run-ons or reprints from inserts or run-of-book advertising.

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